MicroTouch ONE Razor - product review

Hello hello!
I'm back again!
It's been a crazy month or so for me, moving to a new house, going through green card immigration process, holidays and so on and so on..

BUT! I'm back! And this time I'm back with MicroTouch One razor review.

I've got this razor probably two months ago and my husband started using it two months ago but I didn't have enough time to sit down a write a review.

I just want to say right now that I'm not paid to do this review and I've got this product for free.

So let start!
MicroTouch ONE razor

This is what company which makes this razor says about it:

MicroTouch ONE is the modern version of the timeless classic safety razor. After years of price
increases from multi-blade razor manufacturers, MicroTouch, a consistent top-three grooming
brand in the country (Nielsen Report, Razor Trimmer Appliances, 52 weeks ending 2012), brings
you the most affordable and effective razor option that professional Barbers still prefer today –
the single blade shave.
A substantial and precision-crafted tool, MicroTouch ONE is made of solid brass and chrome
plated to a beautiful, polished shine. The ONE feels fabulous in your hand and, most important,
glides smoothly across your skin for the best shave of your life. The ONE’s “butterfly” opening
allows you to easily and safely clean the blade, rinsing it free of shaving cream and whiskers after
each shave. Your blades last longer, and that saves you money.
MicroTouch ONE comes complete with the razor, 12 blades, and a hard-shell travel case. At
$19.99, it’s a steal. Learn more at: www.ONErazor.com

And it is a steal trust me!
My dearest husband was always using razor with those ridiculously expensive cartridges because those were the only ones which could last him for more than one shaving because he has really thick hair.
I asked him to try MicroTouch ONE razor even though I was skeptic because this is just single blade razor.
He was skeptic too and he was 100% sure he's gonna cut himself because blade doesn't have protection like standard razor blades have. But he gave it a chance.

And guess what?! He loves it now! He immediately stopped using razor from a well know brand that he was using before. He said that his skin reacts much better to MicroTouch ONE razor than on the other razors, he gets much cleaner shave with MicroTouch ONE, blade is much sharper than any other razor he used before, and last but not the least, blades for MicroTouch ONE razor are much less pricey than cartridges for his old razor.

Hubby shaving :D 

To conclude this review. Paying $19.99 for MicroTouch ONE is a great investment, especially if you are shaving a lot and if you are going through a lot of razors or razor cartridges. This razor gives perfectly smooth shave, it is really safe for usage, it comes with instructions how to replace blades and how to take care of your razor as well how to shave in order to get the best results!

And even though this is a new razor it is still a version of a classic razor. I still remember my grandpa using this kind of razor and he never wanted to even try something else. My grandpa was shaving every single day and he never had any skin irritations and if you think about it blade is same here as in older versions of this razor. There is a difference in size from the old ones, this one is shorter and much lighter which is definitely a huge plus!

If you are interested in buying this razor you can find it at their page www.ONErazor.com for $19.99 plus shipping. There's also a cute video by Rick Harrison owner of PAWN Shop in Las Vegas :) And you can order blades through Amazon or Walgreens and price is around $5. For 100 blades. Hundred blades! Beat that!

All in all, very good razor, not too pricey and great long term investment. After all this would make great holiday stocking stuffer!