Moms Meet Walgreens Ology Detergent Review

One of the programs that I participate in is Moms Meet and Mom Ambassadors.
Every once in a while I get different products from them to try and share with other moms and friends.

Last week I've got a package with Walgreens Ology Laundry Detergent, Ology tree free paper towels and Ology all-purpose cleaner. To mention right here at the beginning - I fell in love with all purpose cleaner scent. It is Mayer lemon and lavender scent and it smells divine!

Walgreens Ology Sample kit from Moms Meet

And now a little bit about Moms Meet program. This is what they say about themselves on their web page:

"Moms Meet is a part of our mission to unite eco-minded parents. This online community empowers moms to connect, learn, and share their thoughts on raising healthy families and living green. At Moms Meet, we provide early access to articles from KIWI Magazine and entry to a fun Rewards Program that allows members to collect and redeem coins for great prizes, like a box full of eco-goodies, a subscription to KIWI Magazine, or even a chance to win an all-inclusive vacation!
We also offer exciting opportunities for moms and their friends to try and review natural, organic and eco-products and services, and share their honest feedback through the Mom Ambassador program."

You can find more about Moms Meet here and if you are a mom who's reading this blog and if you would like to become Mom Ambassador and try new eco friendly products for free with your mom friends click here for application.

I already did couple of different campaigns for Moms Meet and they are always fun, you just get together with the other moms that you know, tell them what you know about product that you got to review, give them some free samples to try (who doesn't like free stuff, right) and then ask them for feedback. 

And now a little bit about Walgreens Ology. 
Walgreens Ology is brand created exclusively for Walgreens and they sell Ology for laundry and cleaning, Ology for household, Ology for babies and Ology for personal care.

Their products are free of harmful chemicals, plant based, they are not tested on animals and pretty affordable. 

This far I tried their all purpose cleaner and I love it, it works great in the kitchen as a de-greaser, and smells great!
I also tried Ology laundry detergent for my baby's clothes because it's fragrance free and doesn't have any chemicals in it. I like the effectiveness but I'm just not to crazy about fragrance free detergents, even though this one actually has completely neutral smell, and every other "baby friendly" laundry detergent smells like alcohol. 

I'm definitely planning on trying Ology Baby Shampoo.

All in all. We were all pleasantly surprised by the quality of Ology products since they are store brand, but I guess that is a message for all of us not to have stereotypes and be ready and eager to try something new.

Things that we like about Ology products:
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Work great 
  • Plant based and not animal tested
  • Bottles made of recycled materials 
  • Endorsed by Healthy Child Healthy World 
You can buy Walgreens Ology products in their stores and if you click here.


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