Organic gardening and beauty of dirty nails

One of the things that I enjoy doing is gardening. It's so relaxing. Every time when I'm doing something in my garden I have a feeling like I'm attending a stress relieve session, with all dragonflies, damselflies, lady bugs and the rest of my shrinks...
Pretty dragonfly in my garden

And gardening is really good for anger management too. You just take your mattock and go to your garden to kill a living soul in all of those nasty weeds that usually drive you crazy. And then there's that award that you get after your hard work, FRUITS and VEGETABLES! Even better ORGANIC fruits and vegetables!
I started my garden pretty late this year, since I just moved to Walla Walla from Croatia I didn't really know anything about our last frost, which plants can survive here, which cannot, so I spent days researching Internet and then I decided to give it a shot and just transplant everything outside. I forgot to mention that I started everything from seed, and I think it not even worth mentioning that my bedroom after a month looked like a jungle! Everything was growing like craaazyyy! Apparently I have a green thumb. :D
Me and my ONIONS! Pumpkins! Tomatoes!

During my research I found some pretty useful articles and blogs, about how to have the healthiest and biggest plants. I followed some of them, some of them I didn't so I ended up with petite garlic because I planted it in May, instead of September or November, but it's still delicious. I found really useful info at this blog The Art of Doing Stuff this link will take you directly to the instructions. Other web page that really helped me a lot, what you can see from pictures is Grow Better Veggies they have a ton of useful information, and I followed their instructions how to successfully plant tomatoes. I skipped fish heads part -yuuuu :/ because my dogs would probably go crazy if they could smell that in the back yard. Anyway, my tomatoes are huge right now, and full of flowers, which means that those instructions and suggestions are really working! Here's a picture of my first beets and carrots, if you want me to post a recipe for roasted baby veggies salad, let me know! :)

Dinner! Roasted baby beets, carrots, onions!
The only thing that I'm worried about are my beans, they are just leaves and I never tried to grow beans so I have no idea how are they supposed to look like.
And then the other thing I'm worried about are my nails, how superficial, but I love having pretty nails!


  1. Wow.. nice. Gardening is one of my favorite activity to do, but I enjoying flowers. I have roses and several local plants in my garden. I really love to see them grow.. Now, I'm thinking of planting vegetables in some part of my garden.. might be more useful isn'it. Thanks for sharing Jay :)

    1. Thank you! I'm gonna have a lot of gardening posts, so I'm glad you liked this one!
      And that's exactly what we did! We have pretty big rose patch in the front yard, but we decided to transform one part of the back yard into a garden!