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I'm still trying to make a decision in which way this blog should go..
There's so many different things I would love to write about, but I have a feeling that my blog will be "all over the place", but not all over the place in the good way..


I promised you that I'll write a little bit about BzzAgent and Influenster. Since I've got my first BzzAgent box yesterday I'm going to write about them first.

This is what they say about them selves: "Connecting people and their favorite brands since 2001, BzzAgent is the leading social marketing company. What's that mean to you? We put products in the hands of hundreds of thousands of real consumers and help them share their opinions about them with friends and family via reviews, Facebook posts, photos and videos, blog posts and more."
So I decided to join them couple of weeks ago to see what is it all about and if I'm gonna like their program at all. And soon after I joined them I got my first campaign, it was for Kellogg's new hot K Nourish cereals.

Kellogg's BzzAgent Box
 It seems like a lot of people like their new flavors and how convenient they are since they are packed in individual bowls that you can take with yourself. All you have to do to make them ready to eat is pour hot water over it and couple of minutes after they are ready!
But I wasn't that delighted with these cereals, they are way too sweet, and after you mix in the water and nuts and dried fruits they look like mushy oatmeal. I love oatmeal, but I eat traditional old-fashioned rolled oats, cooked in little bit of coconut milk, with some cinnamon and dried fruits.
Maybe I'm just used to that nice chewiness of traditional oats.
On the other side, for all of those who might happen to like these K nourish Hot Cereals, they contain 5g of fiber which is approx 19% of daily recommended intake and 8g of protein. I don't want to talk about sugar here. I want you to discover that by yourself.

Huh... It seems that I've got distracted for a second from my main topic for today's post... BzzAgent! If you have time to write reviews, do Facebook posts and Tweet, and if you like getting FREE stuff join BzzAgent!
BzzAgent review notes

This far I actually got two BzzAgent boxes, one with Kellogg's products and the other one with mail-in-rebate for Concannon wines because they are celebrating 50 years of America's first Petite Sirah.
To be honest I'm a little bit more excited about wine tasting than cereal tasting :D
$8 dollars coupon is pretty good deal, I still haven't tried their wines because I'm almost afraid that I'm gonna be crucified for buying Californian wine in Washington wine country. :D

Anyway, after you go through your boxes, after you try products (they usually send you flavors or varieties that are not yet on the market), you have to go back to their page, fill out couple of surveys, write couple reviews, and voila! That's it!

I believe that's it for this post... Short and sweet.

What should we do next time? Food? Crafts? Or gardening? What do you think? C'mon help me here! :)

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